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Lab 4056/4060 Home page

Lab 4056/4060 is a part of the Institute of Materials Chemistry headed by  Prof. Josef Jancar and financially supported by grant MSM 0021630501.

Group photo

   Members from left to right: Radka Balkova, Sarka Holcnerova, Petr Polacek, Jan Kalfus, Lukas Recman, Katerina Hynstova, Marketa Krapova


Current research areas: 

Interface/interphase phenomena in polymer composites 

Reinforcement of polymer nanocomposites   

Crystallization kinetics and morphology development in presence of adsorbing surfaces

Filler-nucleating agent synergism/antagonism in polyolefins

Thermal stability and flammability of polyolefin nanocomposites

Deformation response of polymer composites and blends

Structure-property relationship in fiber composites

Molecular modeling + use of polymer physics theories for description of segmental immobilization in polymer nanocomposites


Characterization methods:

Confocal laser scanning microscopy

Thermal analysis (DMTA, DSC, TGA)

Deformation behavior under static and dynamic load

Tensiometry (surface energy of fibers and powders)