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Instruction for international students/trainees

How to apply

Most of international students/trainees study/do their training at our faculty in the frame of Erasmus programme (programme for EU countries only) but you can study at our university also as a „free mover“ (you have to arrange funding of the study at your university) or „self payer". For details, please contact the coordinator for exchange mobilities at your university/faculty. 

All foreign students, who would like to study are supposed to:

  • fill in Online Application Form including Learning Agreement/Training Agreement - these documents must be printed and sent in scan version by mail
  • 1x photo (scan by mail)
  • Medical confirmation for work in chemical laboratory = confirmation that you are healthy and able to work in chemical laboratory (= no allergies, asthma, epilepsy etc.) in Czech, Slovak, English or German language - scan by mail version or by post

Application procedure is open 31st March - 31st May for winter semester and 15th September – 15th November for summer semester. We can not accept late applications!

Our Faculty of Chemistry is focused on laboratory classes and projects, we offer big number of semestral projects both for bachelor and master (advanced) students/trainees.

Currently we are focused on projects concerning Foodstuff & Biotechnology (e.g. Foodchemistry and Technology etc.) and Consumer chemistry (e.g. Photochemistry and Photocatalysis; Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics etc.)

We also offer some theoretical courses in English you can choose from but due to small number of international students almost all theoretical courses are led by individual consultations (= no lectures).  


Students also can choose courses at other faculties of Brno University of Technology. please see more info about courses and projects taught in English.

Students/trainees receive back Letter of Acceptance and confirmed Learning Agreement/Traineeship Agreement by e-mail (originals of these documents will be sent just in the case of visa process).

Accommodation and visa process

Students are supposed to order accommodation themselves on the dormitory office webpage (BUT KaM). It is necessary to fill in document called Request for Accommodation. Communication about accommodation is led with accommodation office of dormitories and all problems are supposed to be solved exclusively with it. Faculty has no influence on this matter.

Students, who need visa (students from non EU countries), are supposed to contact Ms. Michalová: michalova@skm.vutbr.cz and fill in Contract of Accommodation a few months before their arrival.

After arrival

During welcome day you will be given:

  • schedule
  • login to access computers and information system
  • faculty mail address
  • student electronic identification card
  • key from locker
  • eventually laboratory coat (if you do not have your own one)

Erasmus studentsMember of International Student Club will keep in touch with students, will pick up them at the bus or railway station and show them dormitories.

Useful links:

Before departure

Please, return to the internatinal affairs officer

  • student electronic identification card
  • key from locker
  • laboratory cloak

After successful finishing

Students will be send by post two documents:

  • Confirmation about the stay
  • Transcript of Records – according to the rules from Brussel, Faculty of Chemistry has ECTS classification scale and is obliged to keep it