Organization structure

Human Resources Department

The HR department ensures complex performance of the entire HR agenda linked with the following activities:

  • recruitment process,
  • administration of employment contracts, wages documents,
  • employees care,
  • renumeration,
  • system of benefits
  • payroll controlling on projects of national and foreign providers and cooperation with project managers,
  • cooperation with the Wage Department, especially in the area of ​​wages, taxes, social and health insurance.

Information for current and new employees, is available in the BUT PERSONNEL CENTER. Employees will find information about benefits, opportunities for mobility, holiday entitlements, and so on.

For current and future foreign employees, a BUT WELCOME SERVICE was established, which provides them with advice and assistance with a lot of things that needs to be done before and after their arrival in the Czech Republic.


Wage accountant: Ivana Smejkalová, workplace Antonínská 548/1, Brno


Human Resources Department
Faculty of Chemistry
Purkyňova 464/118, Medlánky, 61200 Brno
Czech Republic

54114 9329