In FCH BUT we are focused on connecting the academic knowledge with its practical application. The results of our expert work contribute to the development of our human society, the sustainable development of industry and are environment-friendly. That is why our work is appreciated by other experts and the public.

Achievements of our students

Every year, students of our faculty participate in many permanent competitions and conferences, from which they do not leave without awards. And there are not a few of them! We are also very happy about their successes.

Student achievements
  • TAČR 2022

    Project Revitalizace zemědělské půdy v oblastech ČR ohrožených suchem was awarded TAČR Czech Idea  2022 - category Society. Project in collaboration with Zahradnická fakulta MENDELU, OSEVA vývoj a výzkum s.r.o. a Zemědělský výzkum s.r.o.

  • China High Tech Fair

    International award - between „TOP 10 products“ presented on the prestigious China High Tech Fair in Shenzen.

  • Seal of Excellence

    The international award of the European Commission „Seal of Excellence“ for a project no. 762484, „HYDAL-BIOTECH Biotechnology for the production of PHA biopolymer from waste cooking oil“ included in H2020.

  • Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Award

    Prestigious international prize „Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Award“ for the technology HYDAL (PHA).

  • The Prize of Brno City 2015

    Winner of the category Technical Sciences was prof. Márová.

  • Czech Innovation

    Winner of the category „Innovation Idea“ for the team of FCH BUT Brno.

  • Certificate EN ISO 9001:2008

    As the only Czech university lab dealing with metals and corrosion, we gained the certificate of the management of quality EN ISO 9001:2008.

  • TAČR 2017

    On 21 September 2017, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic awarded the Faculty of Chemistry BUT the TA ČR Prize in the category Originality of Solutions..