These projects have gradually become the most attractive opportunity for many international students. Laboratory projects devoted to various areas of research are taught in English and offer the student to hone their laboratory skills in smaller groups and come up with their own research results. We offer them in both semesters, and they are available both for bachelor’s and master’s degree students. For more detail, do not hesitate to contact our coordinator.


Students are offered a number of theoretical courses and laboratory classes taught in English. Due to a smaller number of international students, some theoretical courses might take the form of individual consultations (= no lectures).

Exchange students may also choose to study various courses offered by other faculties of BUT.

The majority (approx. 70%) of courses in your Learning Agreement must be from the Faculty of Chemistry.

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Courses and projects

How to apply

E-applications are open:
31 March – 31 May for the winter semester / academic year
15 September – 15 November for the summer semester

Prospective students from countries with visa requirement (e.g. Turkey) should apply as soon as possible.

 Late applications may result in not obtaining your visa to start the semester on time.

More details


A request for accommodation at the BUT dormitories is the next step. It is placed via the online platform.
We cannot confirm the request for accommodation until we have all the necessary information about the student/trainee.

Responsibility: Ing. Jan Brada