The meeting at Chemistry and Life has a rich tradition of bringing together students, innovators, and leaders in chemistry into a vibrant and highly integrative forum that is conducive to sharing information, gaining knowledge, strengthening collaborations and moving forward the chemical science and technology in basic and applied research.

  • Chemistry and Life

    9th Meeting on Chemistry and Life will be held 12-13 September 2024. This year's programme will focus on sustainable future. The main topics cover a wide range of activities in materials, environmental chemistry, biotechnology, physical and applied chemistry.

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  • ESBP 2023

    11th European Symposium on Biopolymers (ESBP) was held between 13–15 September 2023 in Brno.

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  • Chemistry is Life

    The conference Chemistry is Life is meant for the students of chemical and related fields of bachelor, master’s and doctoral degrees and for the highschool students.

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  • Thermophysics

    The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for a wide range of researchers to meet and exchange valuable experience in the field of thermophysics, heat and mass transport, heat storage, experimental measurement of thermophysical properties, materials parameters, monitoring of temperature field in porous, and other related fields.

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  • HRUS

    International Conference and School on High-Resolution Ultrasonic Spectroscopy

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  • EuroCoalAsh

    The conference is focused on the power plant technology and its impact on CCPs, properties and reactivity of CCPs, utilization and processing, legislative aspects of CCP by-products.

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