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Are you interested in chemistry and want to know what it looks like in our labs and classrooms? Open Day offers a unique opportunity to learn everything about the possibilities of studying at our faculty. Your tour guides will be both students and members of the academic staff. They will share plenty of practical information, not only on the university studies. Everything about our study programmes, lab excursions, informal discussions with students and many more! Simultaneously, we organise another event – Chemistry Day. It presents an opportunity to meet with your future employers and expand your horizons when it comes to professional careers in various chemical disciplines.

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Chemistry Day: integrating theory and practice

February 15, 2024

Chemistry Day welcomes all future applicants, students, and graduates who want to expand their horizons about their (future) professional careers in various chemical disciplines. Every year, it represents an excellent opportunity to network and absorb information about internships, trainee programmes, and part-time and full-time jobs.