History of our faculty

All the activities of Faculty of Chemistry of BUT implemented since 1992 have anchored in rich history of chemical university education in Brno launched by establishing Department of Chemistry of Czech Technical University in November 1911 with later interruption caused by the transformation of the above technical university to Military Technical Academy in 1951.

The faculty was re-established with limited number of students and minimum academic staff after successful accreditation in academic year 1992/3. Brno community of chemists and especially departments of chemistry of Faculty of Science, Masaryk University Brno, who paid back for help provided after establishment of Masaryk University in 1919, showed enormous support in the following years. Like the other faculties of chemistry and technology in the Czech Republic, Faculty of Chemistry of BUT applied for another accreditation and was accredited successfully again in 1994.

The re-establishment of Faculty of Chemistry of BUT was necessary because of replenishment of branches taught at BUT with a specialisation essential for its integrated instructional, educational and scientific character and -above all - because of the needs of industrial development of Moravian regions where a strong interruption of schooling of chemists with engineering education lasting for several decades played a negative role.

The design of study programs shaped since the inception of Faculty of Chemistry of BUT has reflected the needs of development of BUT Brno and the situation at labour market of Moravian regions in near and far future.