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SUMMER SCHOOLAugust 26 – September 6, 2024

August 26 – September 6, 2024
Nomination required.
No fee for students from participating universities.

The protection of water and its resources is one of the fundamental pillars of sustainability. As a result of human activity, substances with various adverse effects, not only on non-target organisms but possibly entire ecosystems, enter the rivers, seas and other water bodies. The understanding of the seriousness of the pollution of water resources and the possibility of technological development leads to increasing demands for sufficient treatment and purification of wastewater.

Summer school

Our summer school consists of two parts: an online programme and physical mobility. This blended form makes it possible to cover a comprehensive range of topics and theoretical preparation before you go to the lab and apply new knowledge and techniques in practice.

The online part of the programme will cover theoretical basics in water-related disciplines. You will also have the opportunity to select one of the group projects and prepare for it theoretically.

During the second week you will join us in Brno and finalize the selected project in the lab. We will focus on hands-on experience and excursions, such as a visit to the local wastewater treatment plant. On Wednesday, September 4, we will be joined by the participants of the annual conference organized by Young Water Professionals Czech Republic (“Mladá voda břehy mele” in Czech) in cooperation with the Faculty of Chemistry.


Join us in Brno!

Join us for the summer school focused on water management and technologies, and participate in exciting lectures with experts from the field, laboratory exercises and excursions. Moreover, you will enjoy the end of the summer in the most beautiful student city in the Czech Republic. We are looking forward to seeing you in September 2024!