Organization structure

Strategic Development and Quality Department

The Strategic Development and Quality Department provides support to faculty management in the area of strategic management and quality management of the educational and scientific research process, in particular through:

  • preparation and production of analyses and related documents to develop the Faculty's strategy
  • preparing documents for the evaluation of the fulfilment of strategic objectives
  • preparing, drafting and evaluating the Faculty's strategic documents, in particular the Faculty's strategic plan and plans for its implementation
  • preparation of internal and external analyses aimed at supporting the decision-making of the faculty management
  • analysis of bibliometric data and other qualitative and quantitative indicators of research and educational activities,
  • checking the completeness and accuracy of reporting of research results,
  • preparing documents for evaluations, periodic reports and statements,
  • administrative support for accreditation of educational programmes, technical and methodological support for educational activities,
  • marketing and promotion,
  • managing the content of the faculty's website,
  • organizational support for working, professional, social and other events organized at the faculty level (meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, programme and service for domestic and foreign visitors, etc.),
  • cooperation with the media, PR, media strategy of the faculty,
  • sponsorship and fundraising activities.


Strategic Development and Quality Department
Faculty of Chemistry
Purkyňova 464/118, Medlánky, 61200 Brno
Czech Republic

54114 9484