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In our laboratory we deal with applied and basic research in the field of analytical chemistry. The main research topics are mainly focused on environmental protection and technology; however, the laboratory also deals with the analysis of samples from industry and transport. These are mainly qualitative and quantitative analyses of organic substances (drugs, MUSK compounds, hormones), heavy metals, nanoparticles and microplastics in water and soil.

We study the dynamics of carbon in the soil, the quality of soil organic matter and develop methods for rapid analysis of soil properties. We also offer analysis of biodegradability of (bio) plastics in fresh and sea water and soils and in cooperation with other workplaces in other environments.

Our team has extensive experience in measuring, evaluating and interpreting thermoanalytical data (calorimetry and thermogravimetry) of various materials for industry and research.

doc. Mgr. Michaela Vašinová Galiová, Ph.D.

doc. Mgr.

Michaela Vašinová


Head of Laboratory

+420 54114 9445

Mgr. Marie Novotná, Ph.D.




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