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There are many reasons life and living organisms are fascinating. Our laboratory deals primarily with research of the tiniest creatures – microorganisms and their extraordinary properties. These microscopic single-cell organisms often work as perfect chemical factories capable of a wide variety of unique processes. Each and every cell can produce a broad range of various chemicals and biomaterials it needs for its survival. Under certain circumstances, it can even stockpile these products. Our objective is to develop methods and technologies of microbial production of industrial substances such as biomaterials, enzymes, vitamins, pigments and other natural molecules. We also develop ways of using these chemicals, especially in the fields of pharmacy, healthcare, food industry and cosmetics. At the same time, we investigate potential effects of various materials and bioproducts on living cells of all types (e.g. human, microbial, etc.).

prof. RNDr. Ivana Márová, CSc.

prof. RNDr.



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+420 54114 9351, 9352

Ing. Jaromír Pořízka, Ph.D.




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  • Research scope

    • Biotechnological production of bioplastics on the basis of polyhydroxyalkanoates, enzymes, provitamins, carotenoids and other metabolites including enriched microbial biomass
    • Valorization of food industry waste substrates, agricultural and other productions
    • Purification, extraction and isolation of biomolecules and biopolymers from natural materials, molecular characterization of these molecules by means of advanced instrumental techniques
    • Cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms – algae and cyanobactreriae for the production of healthy biomass
    • Engaging selected metabolites in the stress response of microorganisms
    • Physiology of microorganisms and its regulation
    • Monitoring and optimization of biotechnological processes, transfer to industrial scale (up-stream)
    • Utilization of advanced techniques to analyse viability of microbial cells
    • Preparation, characterization and application of micro/nano fibres and micro/nano particles from biomaterials and utilization of these products
    • Utilization of microorganisms in biodegradation processes
    • Determining antimicrobial effects of natural substances on tested microorganisms
    • Determining potential toxic effects of natural substances and nanomaterials on human cells (cytotoxicity) and cell systems (DNA – genotoxicity) in order to assess the safety of their use
  • Selected projects

  • Selected publications

    • OBRUČA, S.; DVOŘÁK, P.; SEDLÁČEK, P.; KOLLER, M.; SEDLÁŘ, K.; PERNICOVÁ, I.; ŠAFRÁNEK, D. Polyhydroxyalkanoates synthesis by halophiles and thermophiles: towards sustainable production of microbial bioplastics. BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES, 2022, roč. 58, č. 9, s. 1-28. ISSN: 0734-9750.
    • PERNICOVÁ, I.; KOUŘILOVÁ, X.; NOVÁČKOVÁ, I.; SEDLÁČEK, P.; OBRUČA, S. Production of P(3HB-co-4HB) copolymer by new thermophilic isolate Aneurinibacillus sp. H1 in batch, repated-batch and fed-batch cultivation modes of cultivation. Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment. 2021. s. 1 (1 s.). ISSN: 1314-3530.
    • DZURENDOVÁ, S.; SHAPAVAL, V.; TAFINTSEVA, V.; KOHLER, A.; BYRTUSOVÁ, D.; SZOTKOWSKI, M.; MÁROVÁ, I.; ZIMMERMANN, B. Assessment of Biotechnologically Important Filamentous Fungal Biomass by Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy. Microorganisms, 2021, roč. 22, č. 13, s. 1-23. ISSN: 2076-2607.
    • SZOTKOWSKI, M.; HOLUB, J.; ŠIMANSKÝ, S.; HUBAČOVÁ, K.; SIKOROVÁ, P.; MARINIČOVÁ, V.; NĚMCOVÁ, A.; MÁROVÁ, I. Bioreactor Co-Cultivation of High Lipid and Carotenoid Producing Yeast Rhodotorula kratochvilovae and Several Microalgae under Stress. Microorganisms, 2021, roč. 9, č. 6, s. 1-23. ISSN: 2076-2607.
    • BYRTUSOVÁ, D.; SZOTKOWSKI, M.; KUROWSKA, K.; SHAPAVAL, V.; MÁROVÁ, I. Rhodotorula kratochvilovae CCY 20-2-26-The Source of Multifunctional Metabolites. Microorganisms, 2021, roč. 9, č. 6, s. 1-18. ISSN: 2076-2607.
    • SLANINOVÁ, E.; RUBANOVÁ, B.; ČERNAYOVÁ, D.; NOVÁČKOVÁ, I.; HAVLÍKOVÁ, M.; MRÁZOVÁ, K.; SEDLÁČEK, P.; OBRUČA, S. Study of aeration and light/dark conditions on production of polyhydroxyalkanoates in bacteria Rhodospirillium rubrum. 2022. s. 1 (1 s.).
    • SLANINOVÁ, E.; ČERNAYOVÁ, D.; ŠEDRLOVÁ, Z.; MRÁZOVÁ, K.; SEDLÁČEK, P.; NEBESÁŘOVÁ, J.; OBRUČA, S. Instrumental characterization of Cyanobacteria as Polyhydroxybutyrate Producer. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. 2021. s. 75-75. ISSN: 1307-6892.
    • ČERNAYOVÁ, D.; SÚKENÍK, M.; SLANINOVÁ, E.; SEDLÁČEK, P.; OBRUČA, S. Generation of New Bio-Inoculants Using Self-encapsulation of Plant-growth Promoting Bacteria Azotobacter vinelandii. The Biomania Student Scientific Meeting. 1st. Brno, Czech Republic; 1st edition 2022: Masaryk University Press, 2022. s. 112-112. ISBN: 978-80-280-0040-0.
    • OBRUČA, S.; DVOŘÁK, P.; SEDLÁČEK, P.; KOLLER, M.; SEDLÁŘ, K.; PERNICOVÁ, I.; ŠAFRÁNEK, D. Polyhydroxyalkanoates synthesis by halophiles and thermophiles: towards sustainable production of microbial bioplastics. BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES, 2022, roč. 58, č. 9, s. 1-28. ISSN: 0734-9750.
    • KOVALČÍK, A.; PERNICOVÁ, I.; OBRUČA, S.; SZOTKOWSKI, M.; ENEV, V.; KALINA, M.; MÁROVÁ, I. Grape winery waste as a promising feedstock for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates and other value-added products. FOOD AND BIOPRODUCTS PROCESSING, 2020, roč. 124, č. 1, s. 1-10. ISSN: 0960-3085.
    • Other publications
  • Patents and utility models

    • MÁROVÁ, I.; OBRUČA, S.; PŘIKRYL, R.; VUT v Brně: Způsob produkce polyhydroxyalkanoátů (PHA) na olejovém substrátu. 304183, patent. (2013)
    • OBRUČA, S.; PERNICOVÁ, I.; KUČERA, D.; NOVÁČKOVÁ, I.; SEDLÁČEK, P.; Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Brno, CZ: Způsob výroby polyhydroxyalkanoátů pomocí isolátu termofilního bakteriálního kmene Aneurinibacillus sp. H1. 308626, patent. (2021)
    • MÁROVÁ, I.; KUNDRÁT, V.; VUT v Brně: Způsob rozpouštění biodegradabilních polyesterů. 308735, patent. (2021)
    • MÁROVÁ, I.; POSPÍŠIL, L.; KUNDRÁT, V.; VUT v Brně: Polymerní vlákno a způsob jeho přípravy. 306448, patent. (2016)
    • HÁRONIKOVÁ, A.; MÁROVÁ, I.; KOSTOVOVÁ, I.; Vysoké učení technické v Brně: Suchá biomasa karotenogenních kvasinek druhu C.capitatum CCY10-1-2 pro krmivářské účely. 28679, užitný vzor. (2015)
  • Services offered

    • Determining levels of biologically active substances in various matrixes
    • Determining activity of enzyme and microbiological specimens
    • Determining biological effects
    • Determining antimicrobial activity
    • Determining genotoxicity and cytotoxicity of encapsulation of biologically active substances
    • Optimization of the individual steps of biotechnological processes (up-stream processes, cultivations, down-stream processes)
    • Designing and developing possible strategies for exploitation of waste and by-products of food and other production
    • Preparation of materials on the basis of nano/micro fibres and nano/micro particles for a broad spectrum of applications.

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