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Laboratoryof organic electronics and photonics

We are engaged in basic and applied research and development in the field of advanced organic and hybrid materials in electronics, photonics and printed electronics. We offer expertise in new functional materials, characterization and study of electronic, optical, electrical and optoelectrical properties, and design, construction and characterization of components and devices for organic and printed electronics, sensors and photonics.

The laboratory is engaged in research in the field of bioelectronics, design, preparation and characterization of sensing and stimulation devices. Our team collaborate with many domestic and international organizations and industrial partners. We initiate, solve and participate in national as well as international projects, and the framework programmes of the European Union.

prof. Ing. Martin Weiter, Ph.D.

prof. Ing.



Group leader; organic electronics, photonics and bioelectronics, characterization of optical and electrical properties of organic semiconductors, electron phenomena, fabrication technology of electronic, photonic and bioelectronic devices, printed electronics.

+420 54114 5206

prof. Mgr. Martin Vala, Ph.D.

prof. Mgr.



Head of laboratory; organic electronics, photonics and bioelectronics, optical properties of organic materials, photophysical processes (fluorescence, phosphorescence and nonlinear processes)).



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