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Laboratory of photochemistry and plasmochemistry

In the Laboratory of Photochemistry we study the photocatalytic properties of thin films of oxide n-type semiconductors (TiO2, WO3 ) in mineral, hybrid organo-mineral and organic binders as well as research on the photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical properties of thin films of these oxides leading to sensor applications, scaling thin film preparation processes from laboratory techniques to material printing techniques.

In the Laboratory of Plasma Processes, the main research topics focus on the generation and application of discharges in liquids, the interaction of plasmas with surfaces, and the analysis of discharge products in gases and liquids. An important direction is the study of processes with respect to agricultural applications, both the direct action of plasmas on biological materials and soils and the use of plasma-activated water. This area is also closely related to applications in medicine, especially for direct therapeutic use of plasma.

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