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From bioinformatics analysis of genomes to computational structural biology and applications

Duration: 01.02.2024 — 30.11.2024

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Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy ČR - AKTION Česká republika - Rakousko

- whole funder

On the project

This project is aimed at obtaining a comprehensive view of post-modern bioinformatics and computational Chemistry methods as tools for predicting structural and functional information of nucleic acids and proteins, especially in their role binding ligands/small molecules in therapeutics, as well as the biophysical characterization of such interactions. Our two laboratories have already established a collaboration.

bioinformatics, nucleic acids and proteins, therapeutics

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People responsible

Brázda Václav, prof. Mgr., Ph.D. - principal person responsible


Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology
- (2023-09-21 - not assigned)