Student Achievements


Katarína Šlosárová

Brno PhD talent Award 2023 for the project Creating "Simply the Best" – genetic modification of thermophilic bacteria to improve the biotechnological process of PHA production.

Nemůžete nic ztratit, jen získat. Říká o soutěži Brno Ph.D. Talent oceněná Katarína Šlosárová

Martin Súkeník

Brno PhD talent Award 2023 for the project From Gels to Greenery: How to Catch Tiny Plant Friends for a Bountiful Harvest.

Nové generaci bakteriálních hnojiv se věnuje oceněný projekt Brno Ph.D. Talent Martina Súkeníka


Jan Blahut

A PhD student in Chemistry and Technology of Materials won the Josef Hlávka Award for gifted students. His work focuses on studying the optical properties of thin films of perovskites, which are among the materials of the future, for example, in the fields of high-speed communication or renewable energy.

Martina Machalová

A student of the PhD programme Chemistry and Environmental Technology received the IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) award for the presentation of her work at the 75th International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Conference. Congress of Chemists. With her paper LA-ICP-MS in medical research, she received the award for the best poster presentation by a Ph.D. studenta.

Natalia Zinkovska

Rector's Award 2023 for active work for the development of civil society.

Nikoleta Hricová

Rector's Award 2023 for excellence in sports representation.

Darya Zhurauliova

Competition for the best user project Technical Computing Camp: Darya Zhurauliova, a 2nd year PhD student in Biophysical Chemistry, won the 1st place with her project on Transport of a model substance across a polymer membrane into the biological environment.

Petr Horvát

European University Orienteering Championships St. Gallen 2023: 10th place in the mixed relay together with Klára Nechanická, 22nd place in the 3.1 km sprint, and the best result was achieved by Petr Horvát on the short (4.8 km) course when he took a very nice 7th place.

Alena Razsková a Lenka Michlovská

Werner von Siemens Award: 4. place in the category TOP 10 diploma theses of the year 2022 was awarded to the students Ing. Alena Razsková and Ing. Lenka Michlovská, Ph.D from the Faculty of Chemistry for the thesis Influence of additives on degradation and mechanical properties of composite bone glue.

Martin Roháč

He is one of the most successful academic athletes from Brno for the year 2022. A student of the Chemistry for Medical Applications programme, he competes in orienteering for the clubs TJ Slovan Luhačovice and ATU Košice. He took 10th place at the Czech Short Course Orienteering Championships and three first places at the Slovak Championships. At the Junior World Championships in Portugal he reached 33rd place.

Monika Wikarská

With her natural cosmetics, she took 2nd place in the BUT Entrepreneurship Award for 2022.


Jan Fučík

Winner of the competition lab4you 2022 organized by the company Shimadzu Europa GmbH.

Petr Horvát

The title of Sportsman of the Year 2022 at BUT was awarded to Petr Horvát for his achievements in ski orienteering, orienteering, cross-country skiing and swimming.

Kristýna Brabcová

3rd place in the competition of diploma theses in the XXth year of the Diploma Thesis Competition organized by Lipka and JMK with the thesis Use of the QuEChERS method for the analysis of fluoroquinolone antibiotics in soil.

Pavla Denková

Prize of the committee of evaluators in the XXth year of the Competition of diploma theses organized by Lipka and JMK with the thesis Influence of biodegradation of polyhydroxyalkanoates on soil properties and composition.

Jakub Mach

The 1st place in the competition for the Karel Velko Prize 2022 was awarded to Jakub Mach for an exceptionally well-presented and thematically revealing diploma thesis in the field of waste management.

Darina Kužmová

Best student poster at the 9th Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (CESPC-9) & COST Action CA19110 on Plasma Applications for Smart and Sustainable Agriculture (PlAgri) 4-9 September 2022, Štrbské Pleso. She received the award for her contribution The effects of plasma-activated phosphate buffered saline on monolayers and spheroids of cancer cells.

Simona Jonášová

Third place in the competitive show of the best bachelor theses 8 from BUT won with her bachelor thesis on the Study of surface water quality in the area of Ivančice. 

Katsiaryna Arkhiptsava

Josef Hlávka Award for student work in the field of organic materials for bioelectronic technologies.

Edita Chrápavá

Fourth place in the competition showcase 8 of the BUT, which presents the best bachelor theses of students from all faculties of Brno technology for the past academic year.

Jana Szabová

Participation in the national final of the competition Falling Walls Lab Czech Republic with project Breaking the Wall of Treatment by Inhalation, where she deals with the administration of drugs by inhalation.

Kristýna Bilavčíková

The student of the Environmental Chemistry and Technology programme won the 2nd place in the poster section with her paper Tracing new potential chemotherapeutics using ICP-MS and LA-ICP-MS and successfully competed in a total of 90 papers. More info: European Symposium on Analytical Spectrometry ESAS 2022 & 17th Czech - Slovak Spectroscopic Conference