Become a PhDat theFaculty of Chemistry

Why study PhD in Brno

In Brno, there is a large concentration of experts and top research infrastructure – there are several large universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences and research institutions. This interdisciplinary potential makes it possible to come up with better-quality results in addressing research topics. In addition, Brno and its surroundings offer very rich cultural and sports activities at a fraction of the cost of living in Prague. There is no other region in the Czech Republic that can offer such a combination of cutting-edge science, living standards and application sphere.

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Study at the Faculty of Chemistry

Research and development activities at the Faculty of Chemistry BUT are built upon high-quality laboratory equipment and technology. Experienced researchers with a background in many different areas of chemistry are essential to the process. They transfer their expert knowledge and experience to the younger generation of researchers – our doctoral programmes graduates – that grows bigger and stronger every year.

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Choose your topic

Unlike your undergraduate or master’s degree, where you have had to complete a number of courses in exactly given semesters, in doctoral studies you will pursue research in a particular area of your choice – the topic of study. You choose this topic of study at the time of submitting the application and it is therefore essential to agree on that with your supervisor in advance. The study is based on the individual study plan, in which you and your supervisor set out exactly what you want to study and what subjects you want to study.
The information about available topics of the dissertation thesis, together with the names of supervisors, will be published on the website from December 1, 2023, and the application for studies can be electronically submitted from February 15, 2023.

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