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Bioplastics – one of very quickly developing sectors of recent market. It is boosted by the endeavour to substitute the petroleum-based-plastics with the materials produced from renewable resources, ideally from waste. Adding essential properties – compostability, degradability in nature and biological compatibility, a plastic of the future is formed.

The use of any plastic has negative effect on the environment and incorrect applications of bioplastics also happen. The work with these materials lasting for some time already and rich experiences on their processing revealed reasonable applications. Applying high-tech instrumentation and laboratory equipment and on the ground of the Faculty of Chemistry BUT we help industrial companies develop and test these materials for applications, which can reduce the burden on the environment.

In the laboratory, we focus on the processing of non-petroleum based biopolymers and supplementary substances into plastics applicable in industry. Our goal is to understand the relationships between the structure and properties of biopolymers and bioplastics and thus to provide qualified support at searching for reasonable solutions for the companies dealing with plastics.

Mgr. Radek Přikryl, Ph.D.




Head of laboratory; biopolymers and biocomposites for 3D printing, tissue engineering and agrochemistry; fibre structures for tissue engineering; processing of selected polymer wastes, pultrusion of fibre (bio)composites, project management of Czech R&D projects

+420 606454546

Ing. Silvestr Figalla, Ph.D.




Basic organic synthesis, polycondensation and polyaddition chemistry, preparation and modification of biopolymers and bioresins, design and manufacture of laboratory and measuring equipment, construction of equipment and apparatus, electrical engineering, radio engineering and microwave heating, metal machining

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