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National Centre of Competence in Polymer Materials and technolgies for the 21st Century

Období řešení: 01.01.2023 — 31.12.2028

Zdroje financování

Technologická agentura ČR - 2. veřejná soutěž: Program Národní centra kompetence

- plně financující (2022-06-28 - 2028-12-31)

O projektu

Circular economics in the field of polymers, the project in the center will focus on: GTC I: Advanced materials (Polymer synthesis, Functional additives and fillers… nano, etc., Bio-based materials, Structural analysis, Implementation of green chemistry principles, Materials vs construction products - automotive, textile, construction, medical…, Unification and condition of identification and data collection, Marking and identification GTC II: Environmental process engineering: (Processing processes, Material recycling, Chemical recycling, Balance analysis / circular principles, Processing of secondary / waste products, Separation, sorting and application possibilities, Designs of recycling flows according to materials, Link to legislation, enforcement of proposed solutions, Autonomous projects with interdisciplinary impact - automotive, textile, construction, medical OP. functionalization… nano, Lightw./Downg. - product modeling, Energy balances, LCA, CFP…, Side-pr utilization products, Replacements of traditional materials - yes / no (?!) - concrete, wood…, Sub-projects with balance - automotive, textile, construction, medical…. Within the project, FCH-CMV wants to deal with: Encapsulation of components and their controlled release and labeling of plastic products for their recycling.

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Circular economics, polymers, Advanced materials, Bio-based materials, LCA, CFP



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