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Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection

Original title in Czech: Chemie a technologie ochrany životního prostředíFCHAbbreviation: BKCO_CHTOZPAcad. year: 2021/2022

Programme: Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

Length of Study: 3 years

Accredited from: 20.7.2005Accredited until: 31.12.2024


The aim of the study is to provide general education in technical chemistry with a focus on environmental issues. Graduates may find their jobs in all branches of industry in positions of environmentalists, water managers, experts for air protection and waste management, at all levels of state and local governments in the control bodies for the protection of the environment, in the laboratories of chemistry and biology of the environment and in many emerging research and educational institutions aimed at protection of the environment. In addition, graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and prerequisites for further study in master degree study programs of the Faculty of Chemical, as well as other courses of chemical or chemical-technological focus.

Key learning outcomes

Graduates will gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of general, inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry as well as in chemical engineering, based on a thorough knowledge of other disciplines of natural science (mathematics, physics, biology, toxicology). The general base is then developed towards environmental protection in areas of environmentally friendly chemical technologies, advanced technologies for the treatment of drinking water and waste water, renewable energy, responsible waste management with an emphasis on recycling, constantly taking into account the principles of sustainable development. An essential accessory is a language training (English) and other skills gained in elective courses in humanities and technical nature, such as management and quality control, project preparation and management, pedagogy and psychology, philosophy and fundamentals of ethics, legal propaedeutic. Graduate also can make use of contemporary information technologies in chemical practice (calculations, statistical and graphical data processing, orientation in the factual and full-text databases, means of electronic communication).

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Bachelor degree course "Chemistry and Technology of Environmental Protection" is focused on chemistry and technology of environmental compartments. The practical orientation of the course allows both successful finding of jobs and the smooth continuation of studies in the same field in two-year Master program, or through lifelong education of practitioners. The assembly of courses in the first two years covers general subjects of chemical specialization and appropriate laboratory exercises. Specialization is realized in courses such as Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry of atmosphere, Hydrochemistry and Hydrobiology. The third year, focused on deepening knowledge of specialized subjects and on practical training, is completed by bachelor thesis. Graduates may successfully use acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a dynamic growing industry of environmental protection, at all levels of state and local governments and in a range of laboratories focused on the chemistry of the environment in the areas of surveillance, research, scientific and academic institutions.

Entry requirements

Written entrance examination test checks ability/competence of applicants to study chemistry at university level. Applicants are given points for correct answers; a notional pass mark is applied to this examination. The applicants will be enrolled on condition of either successful passing the entrance examination or fulfilment of requirements for granting dispensation. Current information on admission regulations is available at


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
BA_ZLTBasics of Laboratory Techniqueen1CompulsoryGCrL - 13yes
BC_CHI1Chemical Informatics Ics3CompulsoryGCrP - 13 / C1 - 26yes
BC_CHL1Chemical processes in practicecs1CompulsoryCrS - 26no
BC_MAT1Mathematics Ics7CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BC_ACH1General and Inorganic Chemistry Ics8CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / S - 13 / C1 - 26yes
BC_BIOGeneral Biology and Ecologycs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
BC_ZLTBasics of Laboratory Techniquecs1CompulsoryGCrL - 13yes
BC_PCM1Mathematical Applications in Chemistry Ics2Compulsory-optionalGCrP - 13 / CPP - 131yes
1. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
BC_FYZ1Physics Ics6CompulsoryCr,ExP - 39 / C1 - 26yes
BC_CHI2Chemical Informatics IIcs4CompulsoryCr,ExP - 13 / C1 - 26yes
BC_MAT2Mathematics IIcs7CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BC_ACH2General and Inorganic Chemistry IIcs5CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 13yes
BC_OBTGeneral Toxicologycs2CompulsoryExP - 26yes
BC_OCH1Organic Chemistry Ics6CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BC_ACH1_PLaboratory Classes in Inorganic Chemistry Ics3CompulsoryGCrL - 52yes
BC_FYZ1_PLaboratory Classes in Physics Ics3CompulsoryGCrL - 39yes
BC_PCM2Mathematical Applications in Chemistry IIcs2Compulsory-optionalGCrP - 13 / CPP - 131yes
2. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
BC_ANC1Analytical Chemistry Ics6CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BC_FCH1Physical Chemistry Ics6CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BC_OCH2Organic Chemistry IIcs6CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BC_ANC1_PLaboratory Classes in Analytical Chemistry Ics3CompulsoryGCrL - 52yes
BC_ACH2_PLaboratory Classes in Inorganic Chemistry IIcs3CompulsoryGCrL - 52yes
BC_FCH1_PLaboratory Classes in Physical Chemistry Ics3CompulsoryGCrL - 39yes
BC_FYZ2Physics IIcs4Compulsory-optionalCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 261yes
BC_EMTMeasuring Techniquecs4Compulsory-optionalCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 261yes
2. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
BC_ANC2Analytical Chemistry IIcs6CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BC_BCH1Biochemistry Ics4CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 13yes
BC_ECHTEnvironmental Chemistry and Technologycs3CompulsoryExP - 26yes
BC_FCH2Physical Chemistry IIcs6CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BC_MCHMacromolecular Chemistrycs3CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 13yes
BC_ANC2_PLaboratory Classes in Analytical Chemistry II cs3CompulsoryGCrL - 52yes
BC_FCH2_PLaboratory Classes in Physical Chemistry IIcs3CompulsoryGCrL - 39yes
BC_OCH_PLaboratory Classes in Organic Chemistrycs3CompulsoryGCrL - 52yes
BC_LSP1_ŽPLaboratory Project I - Environmentcs2Compulsory-optionalGCrSL - 261yes
BC_ODP_ZTechnical Practices - CHTOZPcs4Compulsory-optionalCrC1 - 781yes
BC_ISOSystem of Quality Assurance and ISO Standardscs2Compulsory-optionalGCrP - 13 / C1 - 131yes
3. year of study, winter semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
BC_AMPAnalytical Methods in Praxiscs4CompulsoryExP - 26yes
BC_AVOWater Analysiscs3CompulsoryGCrP - 26yes
BC_CHIN1Chemical Engineering Ics6CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BC_JCHNuclear Chemistrycs3CompulsoryGCrP - 26yes
BC_CHI1_PLaboratory Classes in Chemical Engineering Ics2CompulsoryGCrL - 26yes
BC_TCVTechnology of Chemical Substancescs3CompulsoryExP - 26yes
BC_UBP_ŽPIntroduction to Bachelor Thesis - ŽPcs2CompulsoryGCrC1 - 26yes
BC_ZVE_PLaboratory Classes of Environmental Samplingcs3Compulsory-optionalGCrSL - 521yes
3. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hr. rangeGr.Op.
BC_BAPBachelor Thesiscs12CompulsoryCrSL - 156yes
BC_HYBHydrobiologycs3Compulsory-optionalExP - 261yes
BC_CHIN2Chemical Engineering IIcs6Compulsory-optionalCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 261yes
BC_CHOAir chemistry Ics4Compulsory-optionalExP - 261yes
BC_HYB_PLaboratory Classes in Hydrobiologycs2Compulsory-optionalGCrL - 261yes
BC_CHI2_PLaboratory Classes in Chemical Engineering IIcs2Compulsory-optionalGCrL - 261yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Number of ECTS credits Courses
1 2 cr - 4 cr BC_PCM1 (2 cr), BC_PCM2 (2 cr)