Cooperation in research and development

The Faculty of Chemistry offers its cutting-edge equipment and expert staff for research partnerships with industrial enterprises and other institutions.

Short-term scientific and technical services

Many routine and unique experimental instruments used for custom measurements and analyses for the clients’ needs are available at the faculty. Whether you need to bridge your machine outage or test a non-standard procedure, our equipment and staff are at your service.

Contract research

When it comes to finding a solution to a specific technological problem or research task through long-term systematic work, contract research is the usual form of cooperation. Our experts are available to partners to solve their tasks. Formally, the cooperation is governed by a simple contract which defines the basic framework of cooperation (price, time frame, intellectual property issues, etc.)

Participation in joint projects

Our academics are not only enthusiastic educators, but also enthusiastic researchers. Most of them have extensive experience in solving research projects in basic or applied research and experimental development. The faculty successfully solves projects of national and international providers. The vast majority of project teams include industrial partners. A joint research project is an ideal form of collaboration for more complex and time-consuming research tasks.

Realization of professional training courses

trainings, seminars, workshops