Cooperation in the personnel area

The Faculty of Chemistry is an established and successful part of the Brno University of Technology. Although the number of employees and students is one of the smallest, the faculty is significant in terms of scientific performance. Also, the small number of students makes it easier to maintain one of our greatest advantages – the individual approach to students.

Internships, semestral projects

For our students, the experience of internship in a partner company is very attractive mainly because they can benefit from it in the future job hunting. On the other hand, for those who provide internships, this is an easy way to find and educate a talented employee. Regarding the possibility of internships, please contact our Vice-Dean for External Relations.

Supervision of bachelor/diploma theses

If you prefer long-term cooperation, the supervision of a bachelor/diploma thesis is an ideal option. The faculty has positive experience in this field, and this cooperation is generally very popular among students. A qualified employee of the cooperating company can assume the role either of a supervisor or a consultant.

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Chemistry Day

An event aiming to promote chemistry and chemical technology as a promising field to pursue in a wide range of industries. Importantly, companies are invited to present their activities for free; therefore, Chemistry Day also works as a job fair for our students.

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Student conference
“Chemistry is Life”

An annual event for bachelor, master and doctoral students presenting exceptional results of their projects and theses. It is an excellent opportunity to see the performances of talented and motivated students. Similarly to “big” conferences, students write a paper on the topic of the conference and prepare a presentation for the relevant scientific board and other participants. The best student contributions are rewarded.

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