Organization structure

Institute of Physical and Applied Chemistry

The Institute offers to the professional public all forms of cooperation in the field of its competences, both educational and scientific-research and development – e.g. specialized training courses,consultations, measurement and determination on the instruments of the Institute, custom or joint research and development, strategic partnership in research, development and innovation.

The Institute is professionally specialized in applied physical chemistry including colloid chemistry, photochemistry, electronics and plasmochemistry. It can thus offer expertise in the field of development and testing of dispersion systems and gels, controlled release, classical and material printing, photochemicalfunctional products, materials for organic electronics or photovoltaics, plasmochemical treatment and processes, etc. The creative activity of the Institute is closely linked with the Materials Research Centre at the Faculty.


Institute of Physical and Applied Chemistry
Fakulta chemická
Purkyňova 464/118, Královo Pole, 61200 Brno 12

+420 541 149 331