prof. RNDr. Ivana Márová, CSc.

prof. RNDr.



Director of the Institute

+420 54114 9351, 9352

prof. Ing. Stanislav Obruča, Ph.D.

prof. Ing.



Deputy Director

+420 54114 9486

The Institute of Food Chemistry and Biotechnology (IFCBT) is currently one of the four stable institutes of the Brno University of Technology. It provides the Bachelor's degree programme in Food Chemistry and Technology (specialisation Food Chemistry, Biochemical Technology, Chemistry of Natural Substances), the follow-up study programmes in Chemistry of Natural Substances and Food Chemistry and Biotechnology, the doctoral study programme in Food Chemistry and the habilitation procedure in the Food Chemistry programme.

The Institute also participates in providing specialized professional courses within the Bachelor's and postgraduate study programme Chemistry for Medical Applications guaranteed by the staff of the Institute and the doctoral study programmes Biophysical Chemistry and Biophysical Chemistry (joint-degree).


Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology
Faculty of chemistry
Purkyňova 464/118, Královo Pole, 61200 Brno 12

+420 541 149 321

Study advisor: Iva Buchtíková