Organization structure

Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology

The scientific focus of IFSB FCH BUT in Brno is based on current trends in the development of modern food sciences. The main areas of research include analytical-technological area focused on the development and optimization of technological processes, analysis of quality and safety of food, its ingredients, food raw materials and final products and development of modern methods of analysis of content substances.

Another part of the research is directed to the area of biotechnology and focuses on the development and optimization of processes aimed at processing and valorization of waste from food and agricultural production and their use for the production of industrially important metabolites and substances with high added value.

Modern molecular biotechnology and its applications for the identification and quantification of microorganisms in food are also part of the scientific focus of the Institute. In recent years, nanotechnologies and their use in food and cosmetics have also been actively developed. In all these areas, the IFSB is open to cooperation.



Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology
Fakulta chemická
Purkyňova 464/118, Královo Pole, 61200 Brno 12

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