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AdvancedMaterials Synthesis Laboratory

Our laboratory is engaged in a programme of experimental research in organic chemistry and materials science. Our driving forces are the ever-increasing requirements for performance, the advance of miniaturisation, applications to living systems and ultimately the replacement of non-renewable energy sources. We are creating a platform for studies in the areas of organic, hybrid and biohybrid materials for optoelectronics, photonics, biomedicine and green energy applications. We design, synthesise and optimise organic advanced molecules, oligomers and conjugated polymers using conventional as well as green and sustainable methods.

Our areas of interest can be summarised as follows:

  • Organic synthesis and organic bio-inspired materials.
  • Synthesis of self-organised structures, organic pigments and hybrid perovskite materials for applications in organic solar systems.
  • Organic switches for molecular motors.
  • Photocatalytic processes for hydrogen production.

Our aim is to ensure that the parameters of newly developed systems meet the requirements for further commercialisation. We recognise that sophisticated design and well-engineered synthesis of new functional materials are the bases for advances in the most critical areas of technology from electronics to energy to medicine.

prof. Ing. Jozef Krajčovič, Ph.D.

prof. Ing.



Head of Advanced Materials Synthesis Laboratory, project management of international and Czech R&D projects

+420 54114 9433

Ing. Martin Cigánek, Ph.D.




Contact person; Organic synthesis and targeted structural derivatization of functional materials with a focus on organic high-performance pigments and dyes and their applications in the fields of organic electronics, microwave organic synthesis, purification and characterization techniques (GC-MS, NMR).



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