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Master Summer Laboratory Project – Photochemistry and Photocatalysis (Applied Chemistry)

FCH-M_SLP-PPAk. rok: 2023/2024

Kinetics of heterogeneous photocatalytic reactions

Heterogeneous photocatalytical reactions represent a rather unique reaction system where several phases and energy need to meet in one place in order to ensure the reaction will proceeed with a reasonable rate. We need to make sure photons get absorbed within the catalyst crystal lattice, electrons are excited into valence band and separated from holes and both these species will last long enough to be able to react with reducible electron acceptors and oxidisable hole scavengers. These need to be adsorbed on the surface of the catalyst and after they reacted, they need to desorb and diffuse into the bulk of the solution. This rather complex process finds its practical application in a number of interesting applications (water and air cleaning, self-cleaning solid surfaces, sel-disinfecting surfaces) and the key question obviously is “what is the rate of the redox process?”. The project will focus on this key questions and students will get trained in basic techniques which are used for the evaluation of the activity of photocatalyst and applying suitable kinetics models.

The laboratory project is realized by one student or, preferably, by a student team (2–4 members). It begins with the project topic selection, followed by the design and realization of experiments, and finalized by data analysis and results evaluation. The project is tutored by a faculty member or expert from industry. Students realize the project, prepare the final project report, present, discuss, and defend obtained results. 

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