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Engineering for Food Industry

FCH-DAO_PIAk. rok: 2023/2024

The course provides theoretical and practical foundations of Particulate Systems, Powder Technology and Chemical Engineering applied to the area of ​​food production.
Characterization of processed materials - particle systems, liquids and pastes, the basic parameters of the particular systems and their measurement. Grain sizing and morphology of particulate components of particulate systems.
Transport and handling with particular systems, liquids and pastes. Processes of disintegration, separation, homogenization, segregation, compaction, agglomeration, granulation, tabletting, drying and thermal exposure of processed materials.
Bulk properties of particulate systems; measurement of the bulk behavior; trays, bins, reservoirs and container fundamentals. Dosage of powders, liquids and pastes.
Surface properties of fine particulate solids, sorption properties, moisture transport and the equilibrium moisture content of particulates; formation of suspensions or dispersions. Finishing and surface treatment of powders.
Sampling of particulate systems, liquids and pastes.
The issue of the filling of containers, food packaging, storage and dispatch of products.
Specifics of measurement and control of food lines and processes.
Aspects of dust. The safety and hygiene aspects of food processing.

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Vstupní znalosti

Chemical engineering I and II

Pravidla hodnocení a ukončení předmětu

Individual consultations on the most problematical points of the Food Technology processes in the Food production industry.

Učební cíle

General knowledge of students about the today´s Food Technology science possibilities used in practice of food production.
Basic knowledge of both Technology theory and practice used in today´s food production processes.

Základní literatura

Coulson J.M. Richardson J.F. Chemical Engineering Butter worth Heinmann Oxford 2002 (EN)
Zeki Berk, Food Process Engineering and Technology, ISBN: 978-0-12-373660-4, Elsevier Inc, 2009 (EN)

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