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Biophysical Chemistry

Prezenční 4 roky Zakončeno titulem Ph.D.

The study program focuses on examination of problems from the field of biophysical chemistry; the students will acquire thorough theoretical and experimental background knowledge and skills. The graduates will be well prepared to acquit themselves well in the fields of science and research. The study program curriculum focuses mainly on physico-chemical and biochemical principles of biological processes and biomaterials. According to the specific theme of their thesis, the students will specialize in the following disciplines: biocolloid chemistry, nanobiotechnology, biophysical instrumental techniques, immunochemistry, or biomaterial technology.

Tento program zajišťuje Ústav chemie potravin a biotechnologií.


When you will become PhD in biophysical chemistry, you can land manifold creative positions not only in the area of biophysico-chemical research, but also in other fields of health care or in studies on living systems.

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