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Molecular Materials

FCH-DA_MMAk. rok: 2024/2025

The course is focused on the promising field of electronics and construction of electronic elements in which molecular material represents a functional medium. Fundamentals of molecular physics, electronic structure of molecular materials, low-molecular-weight and polymeric, generation and transport of charge carriers, optical properties of molecular materials and properties of quasi-particles like excitons, solitons and polarons are discussed in detail. The relationship between the chemical structures and physical and chemical properties is applied to polymer insulators, molecular semiconductors and synthetic metals. Physical electron processes are discussed on the molecular basis. Construction of molecular elements is presented on two levels, macroscopic (classic electronic devices using molecular materials) and microscopic (here, the principles of electronic devices are explained on the basis of single molecules). The functions of rectification elements, transistors, optical and photorefractive memories, photodetectors and electroluminescent diodes are discussed in detail.

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Základní literatura

Malhotra S., Prasad B. L. V., Fraxedas, J., Molecular Materials: Preparation, Characterization, and Applications, CRC Press; 2017 (EN)

Doporučená literatura

Ficoira, F., Santato, C., Organic Electronics: Emerging Concepts and Technologies, Wiley-VCH; 2013 (EN)

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  • Program DPAP_CHM_4_N doktorský, 1. ročník, zimní semestr, povinně volitelný
  • Program DKAP_CHM_4_N doktorský, 1. ročník, zimní semestr, povinně volitelný